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Awareness. Reflection. Creativity.

Creativity is not just an artistic endeavour, but the ability to develop awareness and to see the world with new eyes. Making is as much about creating ourselves as producing an object: a slow process of listening and dialogue with the resources we are using and, above all, with that most wondrous of materials that is "us". Jewellery has a special place in this journey, as the objects we make are literally the hearts we wear on our sleeves: an emotional extension of our bodies, visible to all.

Making is also about learning the art of patience, of embracing the unexpected, and of making and accepting mistakes. It is somewhere where we find our own calmness and our own rhythms: a space for reflection where we can allow ourselves to ask (and answer!) all the whats and whys in our choices, and where we learn to mould a personal discipline and confidence that are not measured or judged by parameters other than our own.

If this sounds like a good proposition, then come and spend some time in the studio with me!


We will work mainly with found, collected and gathered objects, which you will be encouraged to bring along as material for both making and discussion. We will investigate the provenance and significance of these objects and their interest as materials. We will then explore processes and the degree of intervention we are willing to impose on our chosen objects, while experimenting with a variety of metalworking techniques such as piercing, drilling, hammering and a lot of cold connections. Through our investigations and explorations into the nature of the original materials and the finished piece(s), and the physical and emotional processes involved in its production, we will try and reflect on the transformative power of making.



  • Workshops to run 10-5.
  • No experience necessary.
  • Scope of workshop to be discussed in advance to make best use of the time available.
  • All materials and necessary tools supplied apart from any precious metal (to be ordered and paid for separately).
  • Vegetarian lunch provided, as well as plenty of refreshments during the day.
  • Adults only.
  • Dates can be agreed throughout the year, both mid-week and weekends.

GROUP ONE-DAY WORKSHOPS - £120 per person

  • Workshops to run 10-5, with max 3 participants.
  • No experience necessary.
  • Plenty of opportunity to experiment, create a variety of samples, and make at least one item of finished jewellery to take home.
  • All materials and necessary tools supplied apart from any precious metal, if required (to be ordered and paid for separately).
  • Tea/coffee and biscuits/cake provided, but please bring a packed lunch.
  • Suitable for all ages but under-16s must be accompanied by an adult participant.

WEEKEND WORKSHOP - £220 per person (two consecutive days of tuition)



Forage & Forge can also be run as a 3- or 5-day workshop. If an external venue is available or proposed, they can also be done as a residential course.  Also, if you have a special project in mind, would like to engage in a period of personal research and making, or would simply like to spend more than a day working with me in the studio, I would be delighted to hear from you. Please get in touch to discuss any ideas, possible dates and costs.


A cliché it may be, but children are our future, and I am very passionate about empowering them with personal and thinking skills to develop their confidence as self-aware creative individuals who will become citizens of a caring and inclusive society and a slower, sustainable planet. I am available for one-off sessions or tailor-made workshop series, for both individual pupils or small groups. Please contact me to discuss your requirements and budget. Fully insured. DBS-checked by Norfolk County Council. References available.


Integrity is key to my everyday life and I always strive to educate (and be educated!), to foster inclusivity, and to promote understanding. I am available to run object- and making-based workshops to assist participation for socially excluded, vulnerable and/or hard-to-reach groups and to empower people of all ages through the building of self-awareness and confidence skills. If you are part of a like-minded group of people, please contact me to discuss possible collaborations, whether on a volunteer basis or through application for funding. Fully insured. DBS-checked by Norfolk County Council. References available.


Productivity does not reside in the ability of a company to comply with ever-increasing instructions and demands, but in the universal wellbeing of its employees. Efficiency is not achieved through the simple acquisition of faster response methods but through slow and mindful fostering of each individual's (and understanding of each other's!) own brand of creativity and problem-solving abilities, and the engendering of widespread reflective practice. An understanding of value only comes from being valued, so whether you are a small, medium or large business, please consider an object- and making-based workshop as an alternative to traditional team building and employee perk days. The desire to work with commercial enterprises is an increasingly important impetus for my practice and my approach of social responsibility by all and for all, through which paying clients contribute not only to the sustainability of my own business but also allow me, as a practitioner, to volunteer my knowledge and time to pass on the same skills to groups who would not be able to afford my fees. Please contact me for details.

To enquire about or make a booking for any of these workshops, please click here to EMAIL ME.