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About me


I am a jewellery artist and independent writer and researcher based in the UK.

I grew up in Italy, where I soon discovered I fitted in like a square peg in a round hole. So, at the age of 20, I moved to London and, after graduating in English Literature, I pursued diverse careers in publishing, hospitality and archaeology. Until my mid-thirties... when jewellery found me. I retrained in the jewellery quarter in London, and through a second degree in Three-Dimensional Design and Craft at Colchester School of Art, after which I completed a research Master's (MA by Project) at the Sir John Cass School of Art, Design and Architecture.

My work spans jewellery to writing, mentoring and teaching. Importantly, they are for me just different manifestations of making and, as such, equally central to my personal and spiritual growth and the process of making me. My practice is slow and mindful, not only of the provenance, destination and context of each project, but also of my natural cycles of thinking, making and, most crucially, reflection.

For information about past and forthcoming exhibitions and publications please click here for a full CV.


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